Union Bank

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Union Bank was Media Well Done’s first client over 30 years ago. It says a lot about our company that they stayed with us all these years. And when they were acquired by U.S. Bank, they brought us along to aid in the transition and continue supporting a variety of work. We’re looking forward to continuing the relationship with old friends and new friends.

Union Bank

The Private Bank Invitation

This award-winning invitation package was able to accommodate interchangeable invitation inserts while maintaining the elegant look and feel of The Private Bank. The shell and outer black envelope used a foil varnish to highlight the logo and super U die cut.

PIASC Print Excellence Award logo
Union Bank

Social Media Ad Animation

Here’s a fun social media ad we worked on for the Residential Lending team. We also designed and animated various holiday cards for social sharing and emails every year.

Union Bank

Webpage With Investor Quiz

We designed and coded many web pages and microsites for Union Bank over the years. This one was a bit of a challenge since we were asked to incorporate a quiz that measured risk tolerance and interest in their finances. Our talented lead developer solved the tricky math and provided a successful online quiz which yielded great engagement and lead generation.
View the website and take the quiz yourself!

screenshot of Union Bank webpage with Investor Quiz
Union Bank

Daily Rates Mortgage Flyer

This project may have been the trickiest of any we’ve tackled so far. It involved taking the client’s daily rate feed document with hundreds of thousands of data points and figuring out how to correctly populate a highly-customizable flyer — online — and then generate a print-quality PDF for download.

Daily Rates Flyer

Step 1

Enter the sale price, state and FICO score

These data points will determine which loan products and rates that will be offered.

Daily rates flyer form page 1

Step 2

Select three appropriate loan products

Notice that at this point you are allowed to change the down payment percentage.

Daily rates flyer form page 2

Step 3

Select a representative

We set up and maintain databases for various teams, including their contact information and head shot. This reduces errors and keystrokes.

Daily rates flyer form page 3

Step 4

Select your photos

We can also set up and maintain libraries of photos or allow upload of custom photos.

Daily rates flyer form page 4

Step 5

Generate a PDF and download

The final layout has all of the disclosure superscripts in the correct places on both front table and reverse side disclosure blocks. The table has the correct date and time.

Daily rates flyer results